Lëk Sèn

Lëk Sèn the former rapper of the Dakar (Sénégal) hip-hop band SSK, was brought to France 8 years ago by Amadaou & Mariam’s drummer Yvo Abadi, after a collaboration with parisian musicians „Luxor Station“.

Lëk Sèn grew up in Ngor, a fishing village near Dakar and inhabited singing and his passion for music since his early childhood. With his first album „Burn“ (released in 2010 on the prestigious reggae label Makasound) Lëk Sèn had turned to African blues and reggae sounds, supported by great guest-artists i.e.: Amadou Bagayoko (Amadou and Mariam) & Julia Sarr (Youssou Ndour, Alpha Blondy, Femi Kuti …)

With his deep, hoarse & touching voice, Lëk Sèn rejuvenates African blues music, mixing it with his urban culture. He creates a new flavour of African music – showing all it’s variety.

Lëk Sèn is captivating and touching, even when he sings solo (guitar/voice) and also totally mesmerizing when he plays his own style of reggae, bridging the gap between roots and urban production.

In both styles, Lëk Sèn manages to show a captivating intensity that takes firm hold of his crowd and never lets them go.

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